Arms and the Man Lyric Stage Company

Bobbie Steinbach and Ken Baltin provide expert comic support as Raina’s aspiring bourgeois parents, infusing every line and bit of business with a delectable mix of silliness and bonhomie.  Boston Globe

Catherine Petkoff  Arms and the Man

Catherine Petkoff
Arms and the Man

“Every time I leave a lesson with Bobbie I feel as though I’ve grown 10 feet taller as an actor. I have seen her onstage, and all I can say is I want to be her when I grow up. I have the utmost respect for Bobbie, who, aside from being an insightful, engaging, and passionate individual, is above all else, loving and more than willing to help me understand a character, a text, and myself as an actor. She is someone who I respect as both a shrewd mentor and incredible artist.”  Allegra B. Boston Conservatory Class of 2016

   A Girls' War New Repertory Theatre

A Girls’ War
New Repertory Theatre

I first saw Bobbie perform nearly four years ago. I never would have imagined then that I would get the privilege to work alongside this wonderfully talented, generous woman. Bobbie prepared me so well for the college audition process and I would never have had as much success as I did were it not for her. She gave me monologues that, while staying within the age and type range requested by most colleges, challenged me as an actor and helped me to grow. I cannot say enough about how much fun I had working with Bobbie. She welcomed me into her home and made me feel safe and comfortable doing things that I had never done – and was too self conscious to do – before. The wonderful thing about working with Bobbie is that she never takes the easy or obvious approach. Every monologue I did with her had some nuance that made an audience want to listen. With Bobbie’s instruction, I was able to surprise myself, not only with my choices, but also with my abilities. Bobbie unlocked a new world of acting to me – one in which I am truly in tune with both the character and myself. I loved my time with Bobbie and could not recommend her more highly.”  Bobbie speaks with the wisdom of an experienced performer and the kindness of a close friend.  I left every coaching feeling like I had made progress not only with my specific monologues, but with my overall approach to acting as well.”   Maddy S. Carnegie Mellon Class of 2015  

“When I decided to pursue theatre in college, I was stressed about starting the audition process. Thankfully, I found Bobbie, who helped me pick audition pieces that I really loved, and that were right for me. The welcoming, safe space she created allowed me to venture outside my comfort zone and take risks. Her guidance in exploring different aspects of the monologues and not making the obvious choices helped me discover new things about the work that I wouldn’t have on my own.  Working with Bobbie made me more confident as I walked into my college auditions because I knew I had an in-depth knowledge of my characters, and the plays themselves. When the time came to decide which program was right for me, I was thrilled and blessed to have many wonderful options to choose from. I recommend Bobbie to all of my younger friends looking for a college audition coach. Bobbie’s extensive knowledge, support, and generosity have helped me grow not only as an artist, but as a human being. I am so incredibly thankful to Bobbie for getting me where I am today.”  Emily I Boston University Class of 2017

Bobbie helped make my dream a reality. I grew as both an artist and a person after every meeting with Bobbie because of her openness, ability as a teacher and wisdom. She helped me find fascinating monologues that I connected with and continue to develop, appreciate and use. When I felt stuck, she encouraged me to take risks and make choices that improved my work. My work with Bobbie allowed me to enter the audition process with confidence because of her honesty and ability to help me find exactly what was needed for my pieces. She always worked with me until I was more than ready, and when I auditioned I knew that I was prepared. I encourage any actor to work with Bobbie– she is an incredibly positive and rewarding actor and person. Sam Permar, BFA Acting at NYU Tisch in the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute  Class of 2018

“Bobbie Steinbach is the sole reason I got into college. Her extensive wisdom and experience comes across from the first session, and is accessible without being intimidating. That’s not to say that Bobbie beats around the bush; she will tell you exactly what she thinks of your monologues, and will get down to the root of the problems she finds. It makes her compliments all the more gratifying. She also cares immensely about her students. She is truly a fabulous person and teacher. Regardless of whether you are trying to get into college, or are just trying to improve your acting, Bobbie Steinbach is the right choice if you want to learn and grow as an actor.” Sam B-G University of  Michigan class of 2018

“From the moment I stepped into Bobbie’s space, I could feel myself morphing into a greater person, actress and artist. Bobbie taught me a lot about the values of acting and performing, but it wasn’t only that. Bobbie taught me about courage.  She helped me to feel the piece viscerally and in my gut. After working for many months with Bobbie I was finally brave enough to own my world when performing. I am able to simply take control of my surroundings. I never had this kind of courage before, but Bobbie gave me the tools to become a successful and effective artist. I could not be more thankful to have Bobbie in my life not only as a teacher, but as a role model and friend. Thanks to Bobbie, I walked into each and every college audition with confidence, and I am thrilled to be a member of the class of 2018 of the Hartt School, BFA Musical Theatre.Claudia N.

“When working with Bobbie you are acutely aware that there is something to learn from her in every second of your lesson. She creates an atmosphere that allows you to free up and take the biggest risks you can, and even lends you some of her incredible energy for the road.”  Graham T. University of Michigan class of 2016

“When I met with Bobbie for the first time, she quickly understood me as an actor and as a person. She brought optimism, honesty, and experience to our work. She suggested interesting, challenging monologues, and gave me helpful and honest feedback.  She encouraged me to challenge myself, which helped me grow and develop confidence.  She brought her great experience in theater to our meetings – my commitment to the craft has grown as a result of our work.” Sam P. NYU Tisch Class of 2018

“Bobbie Steinbach is a very experienced actress and helps actors make discoveries within themselves instead of “telling” you how to perform. She is a very kind woman with years of experience and will hold you accountable to perform your best. She is 100 percent invested in her student’s success and I couldnt have made it into  theater programs without her amazing knowledge and passion for teaching. I reccommend Bobbie for anyone who is serious about making improvement as an actor and learning about yourself along the way.” Ben R. University of  Tampa class of 2018

“Bobbie has been an irreplaceable coach throughout the difficult transition from High School to college. Every time I met with her to study I left feeling more confident about my material and myself as an actor. She is insightful, perceptive, and a gifted artist. She always suggests exciting, fresh, and challenging material for me to try.  She truly cares for her students and treats them as individual artists.

Working with her is a blast. It’s a safe, encouraging and creatively stimulating atmosphere. She motivates me to push myself and get out of my comfort zone. I completely trust her to be honest about my weaknesses and what I need to work on. Her student’s long term growth as actors is important to her.

Bobbie is a wonderful mentor and really knows her stuff! Whenever I see her perform I learn volumes from her subtle yet emotionally stirred style. She is very knowledgeable about Shakespeare and taught me how to use the language to my advantage.  She has a vast collection of plays and monologues stored in her brain.  She’s funny, caring, and intelligent and it’s been an honor for me to call her a coach and a friend.”  Justin P.  Stella Adler Class of 2016


Once Upon a Mattress Wheelock Family Theatre

Once Upon a Mattress
Wheelock Family Theatre

“Dear Bobbie, Thank you so much for all of your help preparing me for my college auditions. I wanted to let you know that I have been admitted Early Decision to Muhlenberg College, Class of 2016!!!! I am so excited, and could not have done it without your help. Thank you so very much! Love, Emily P”

“Hello Bobbie, I just wanted to let you know that I have learned so much with you so far and I just completely enjoy it. Now here’s the great news… This morning, I auditioned for the Doug Ingalls Scholarship, which is based through the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild (METG). I auditioned with the two pieces we have been working on, and I am thrilled to tell you that I won 1st place along with two other girls (it was a tie!).  I am SO excited, and I just wanted to thank you because what you have helped me with is a lot of what they saw today. This means that I will not only earn some of the scholarship money for college, but I will also perform in Boston during the METG State Festival where high schools compete their 40 min. one acts. Thank you so much for the work we have done so far. You are the best! “~Janelle Y Boston Conservatory Class of 2017

“Working with Bobbie Steinbach was the best decision I could have made before embarking upon college auditions. She understands the way teenagers process and comprehend critiques and suggestions, making it easier for me to apply what I learned. Bobbie speaks with the wisdom of an experienced performer and the kindness of a close friend.  I left every coaching feeling like I had made progress not only with my specific monologues, but with my overall approach to acting as well.  Not only that, Bobbie remained a constant source of much needed support for me while I was auditioning and after I had received college results.  Bobbie is the kind of person that every auditioning teenager should work with!  She gives her time, experience, and, most importantly, her heart to all of her students.” Olivia M. Harvard University class of 2016

“I first met Bobbie Steinbach through the Huntington Theatre in Boston.  It was then that Bobbie was teaching an advanced scene-study class through the Theatre’s after- school program in which I was a student. Bobbie was amazing: the perfect combination of affability and quirkiness, coupled with a tremendous knowledge of the theatre and the foundation of an impressive array of experience as an actress and director. Even as a high school student, I was already taking my theatre education extremely seriously, it is therefore certainly to her credit that Bobbie Steinbach was so quick to inspire confidence in my critical eye.  I was learning, having fun, and working towards real, quality theatre under the stewardship of a fantastic theatre artist. When in my senior year of high school I realized that I wanted to continue to pursue my love of theatre in college, my mother and my first thought was to prepare myself for my college auditions with Bobbie Steinbach.  Bobbie helped me to pick and prepare monologues for the assessments, focusing a tremendous time and energy on getting the most out of my acting ability, helping to facilitate my research into the intricacies of the source-plays and their language, and always connecting me to and inspiring me with the characters and stories I was endeavoring to portray.Using the audition material Bobbie helped me prepare, I was accepted into the acting programs at Boston University, Emerson College, Fordham College, and New York University.  I am now in the beginning of the second semester of my freshman year at NYU’s Tisch School of the arts; studying what I love. It was in no small part due to Bobbie Steinbach’s expertise, wisdom, fun personality and striking example, that I find myself where I am today.  I cannot recommend her more highly.”  Harrison B. NYU/Tisch  Class of 2012
Henry VIII  Actors' Shakespeare Project

Henry VIII
Actors’ Shakespeare Project

“I emphatically recommend Bobbie Steinbach to you.  I have known her for over 20 years as an actress, collaborator, teacher and friend. I can tell you she is a wonderfully creative human being. She is adept in the rehearsal hall,the classroom and of course, on stage.  She has spent many years teaching and nurturing young people in the theater. I can’t think of a more entertaining, inspiring instructor. Bobbie has come into my Acting IV class at Boston University School of Theater Arts for the past 10 years to work with my graduating seniors on audition technique.  It is always an eye-opening experience for them to work with a professional actress operating at such an accomplished level in the audition context.  They always come out of the experience changed and refocused in a get-real sort of way. She is an integral part of my training sequence!” Judy Braha, Boston University School of Theater Arts, MFA Directing, Program Head

I started working with Bobbie when I was 14, when she cast me as Anne in her production of The Diary of Anne Frank. From the moment I met her, I knew she would be a wonderful director/teacher. Bobbie is so warm, welcoming, and fun to work with. As an incredibly talented actress, she makes a fantastic acting teacher, because she knows exactly what it is like to be in our place. She is highly insightful and great at giving constructive criticism and guidance. I am now 16, and have continued to seek coaching from Bobbie for the past two years. Words cannot describe how much she has taught me, and how much I have grown as an actress and a performer thanks to her. She helps you to really delve into a character, and fully embody their personalities and emotions. Bobbie is also extremely encouraging and compassionate, and is such a wonderful support in this very difficult business. I always walk out of a lesson with a renewed sense of confidence in my abilities. I cannot thank her enough for all her help.”  Lilia R. NYU Tisch Class of 2015

” I first worked with Bobbie Steinbach as a fellow actor in ‘The Rose Tattoo’ at the Huntington Theatre, and I have seen her in countless productions around the Boston area. As I began to prepare for college auditions, I wanted a coach and mentor who was knowledgeable about the process and with whom I felt comfortable. Bobbie was the natural choice. Working from her home in Newton, Bobbie creates an environment that feels safe. She harbors a professionalism that brings to her teaching an invaluable sense of security and connection. As a teacher, Bobbie never lets you take the safe route. She not only helps you discover and create the nuances of each character, but she also pushes you beyond restrained and clichéd interpretations. She motivates you to make a complete physical and emotional commitment to a character, beginning with the seemingly simple but elusive idea to not stand still through a monologue. Bobbie makes it comfortable to take risks and try new things. She knows when to let you discover your own ideas and when to offer hers. Bobbie has helped me grow as an actor by encouraging me to go farther with a character than I thought I could. Her advice about context, motivations, and objectives has taught me to look beyond the monologue and to sculpt my own unique performance. From her, I have learned the importance of researching and reading about character’s perspective, of thinking what the character would think. When Bobbie tells me, “I know you’re good enough to do this,” I believe I am.” –Sophie R. Northwestern U. class of 2014

Mistress Quickly Henry IV

Mistress Quickly
Henry IV

  Working with a professional like Bobbie to show you the ropes…it’s very handy.” Hayley G.  Sophomore Newton South High

“My experience with Bobbie Steinbach I feel has put me in a different league of competition in the very tough Boston theater scene.  Before working with Bobbie my choice and understanding of audition pieces and monologues, I believe,  was my greatest weakness.  Since working with her, I’ve already had two very positive auditions and callbacks and am now approaching all my auditions with great confidence and  great material that she specifically has helped me to perform at a level above and beyond what I could have imagined.  Her ability to find the subtlety and nuance in an audition piece is breathtaking and I walk out of her sessions feeling empowered that I truly can go to an audition and shine.  I would recommend her to anyone who seriously wants to take their theater skills to another level!”  Shana D Equity Actress, Boston

Dear Bobbie, Now that my auditions are finished and I‘ve been cast, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the extraordinary help you gave me in preparing the monologues I used at the auditions. After you helped me select a classical monologue that scared the hell out of me because of its difficulty (at least as I perceived it when I first saw it), the support, encouragement and intuitive understanding of how to help me through my anxieties that you provided was so wonderful and critical to my success. And while in some ways that was everything, it was only the beginning.  From analyses of the text, character and plot, to technical matters like breath control and posture, to nuanced suggestions about the delivery and shape of the monologues, you were there – always insightful, clear and disciplined.  And it was great fun! I can’t thank you enough.  It was a joy to work with you.”  Arthur W., actor, Boston

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