Teaching Philosophy

First and foremost,


 I am tremendously inspired by my students.

It brings me great joy to watch  them flourish and grow.

My philosophy regarding audition monologues: I have been present at many casting sessions and what really makes me sit up and listen is when an actor begins with a very strong choice—and presents a monologue that is edgy, sharp, intelligent and challenging, both to the actor and the auditioners. Too many times,  actors choose  monologues that are not suited to them personally, that are not well prepared and that do not show the actors’ physical and vocal skills to their best advantage. Taking chances, being bold, daring, playing, actually embodying a character, not ‘playing’ that character. All these things are what I want to see at an audition, and I know that’s what gets you the job, the place at a top school, and the confidence that you need to go out into the world as an actor.

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