Host of All Together Now

All Together Now is a streaming show on the Skreens Pro video platform on FB, YouTube and Twitch, created by Broadband Collaborative.*  In February 2020 the principles at Broadband invited me to join the ATN team; I hosted and co-wrote 25 half-hour to forty-five minute  shows, showcasing and interviewing over 60 artists from all over the world, from April-August 2020. All Together Now was created to gather together performers from across the globe, and  share their music, poetry, art, storytelling, dance, and so much more, to embrace, transport and connect with viewers during the pandemic. All shows are available on Facebook, and YouTube on the broadband collaborative All Together Now Facebook and YouTube links.  Though we are not offering weekly shows at this time, we will be creating specials beginning  in October 2020.

Show 26 Link:

*BroadBand was created by Cristin Canterbury Bagnall, Sara Stackhouse, and Lori Taylor to meet the complex needs of artists, organizations and institutions who are undertaking multi-faceted projects, or need an experienced team to help them design, connect with, and navigate a new context or next strategic move. BroadBand specializes in nuanced program design, sophisticated project management, and strategic organizational development, and facilitates work with individuals, organizations, and cohorts, resulting in artistic growth and creative sector development.

With over 50 years of combined experience working at the intersection of artistic creation and learning, project leadership, community-based collaboration, organizational development, and cross-sector relationship building in the non-profit and for-profit worlds, BroadBand helps artists and organizations thrive.


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